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Blast it down and grab the datapack within. She was sitting at home reading, when she heard the doorbell ring. Now step on the large ground switch to light up the three green ones. In the sewer near Bane's HQ. Gillian B. Loeb (Only appearance; dies) 3.2. Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide. Paralyzed from the waist down and using a wheelchair, Barbara adopted the new identity of Oracle, and aided the Dark Knight with her computer expertise, which provided Batman with a constant stream of information in the field to aid his battle against crime. In the south part of the Bowery, in an alley in front of the Gotham Bank. Wild Country? Batman rescued Sharp from five hostile inmates before he interrogated him, and learned that Strange had a partner. He told her that doctors were treating the injured and that most of the inmates were back in custody. Arkham Horror: The Card Game; Welcome to Card Game DB Register now to gain access to all of our features. In the south part of Park Row, along the border with Sheldon Park. The Arkham Knight is a mysterious master strategist and commander of a personal army that surfaced in Gotham City. Several months to a year later, Barbara was at a ball at Wayne Manor with her father. Barbara pitied the thug, donned her Batgirl cowl, and soundly beat him unconscious. Welcome to ArkhamCentral. You want revenge on the man who hurt you? When asked about Croc, Batman responded that Croc was just an animal and that animals needed the right bait. After she saved her father from the Joker, Barbara's career as Batgirl came to an end when she had an almost fatal encounter with Joker. There are many switches, a generator and some lights. Alfred Pennyworth 2. After he accepted Alfred's advice, Batman told Oracle not to lose the signal on Talia. Oracle disabled the security system for Batman. She told him that it sounded like a suicide mission. She was then called on by Batman again after he arrived in Arkham North, where he had found Commissioner Gordon's pipe at the scene and Barbara revealed that she had given it to him as a birthday present and that he would never leave it. Batman then transported Barbara to the GCPD to link up with the Batcomputer and find her father. In the southern part of Park Row, on a rooftop. Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide. That proved to be wrong, however, as Frank Boles was secretly in the Joker's employ and he clubbed Gordon with a nightstick, kidnapped him, and regrouped with the Joker's partner-in-crime, Harley Quinn. Quickly run over all 4 in a row and the datapack will unlock. She could perform both Loud and Silent Reverse Ledge Takedowns, even though the game only mentioned the loud version. He assured Barbara that her father was safe. As soon as Batman made it to the top of Wonder Tower, he connected Oracle to the computers so that she could deactivate Protocol 10. Asking if it was his co-workers or the thugs, Barbara stopped herself and told him that they were the same. Barbara ran outside to stall them so Batman could get away. He promised to see her later that night. Oracle was forced to lie to her father, who claimed that she left the city in response to Scarecrow's threat. She informed Batman that he had mere minutes to live. Quickfire your Batarangs to hit them, which will then unlock the datapack. Asking if it was his co-workers or the thugs, Barbara stopped herself and told him that they were the same. Gordon also informed his daughter that the Joker's men were recovering from the effects of the Titan drug the Joker had injected them with. But when the villain revealed that he was aware of Oracle's status, Batman attempted to warn her to flee. He trained extensively to achieve mental and physical perfection, in addition to mastering martial arts, detective techniques, and criminal psychology. Noticing some cops spying on their home, Babara went to the GCPD. There is a small area surrounded by buildings that you can jump down into. On top of one building is the first switch, which you must stand on, then jump off and glide towards the second. After the Joker's defeat, Barbara called her father up as the GCPD retook control of Arkham Island. When his parents were gunned down in front of him, Bruce Wayne resolved to rid Gotham City of the criminal element that took their lives. Batman agreed to help, and, after he disabled all of the weapon crates, Barbara told him that she thought that they made a good team, and, if he ever needed help or a partner, she was there for him, which hinted that she would become Batgirl soon. Robin (Dick Grayson) (Multiplayer Only) Featured Villains: 1. Inside the Gotham Merchants Bank. After her death, he became the sole owner of her home… Shortly after Batman arrived with the Joker at Arkham Asylum, the Joker was escorted by a team of armed and armored security guards to the Holding Cells at the Intensive Treatment Center, when he broke free. The purple and yellow of Barbara's clothing in. She is located in the vault, being held hostage by Black Mask's Henchmen. Alfred Pennyworth (Apparent Death) 2. She took the mantle at a GCPD press conference where her father was trying to show the public that Batman was a man in a suit of armor and gadgets that anyone could purchase with enough money and not a super natural entity, as the public believed. He threatened to use the Fear Toxin, but the Arkham Knight intervened and stopped him. The hostage began to sob hysterically, before stopping abruptly, causing Barbara to become suspicious. Hair There is a generator and some switches. After Robin fought Two-Face's Gang, he was attacked and shot in the foot by Two-Face and was about to be killed, but he managed to take down the villain while he was distracted by his coin. The man then turned around revealing himself to be the Joker, and replied "Why don't you rescue Commissioner Gordon instead...?". Based on the hit video game series, Batman must find a bomb planted by the Joker while dealing with a mysterious team of villains, called The Suicide Squad. There is a green switch on either side of the building it is attached to, and three switches above the pack itself. This is your one chance. On a rooftop in Park Row, right on the border with Amusement Mile. Later on, before The Knightfall Protocol was engaged, Barbara thanked Bruce for saving both Robin and her father, but was sorry that, in order to do it, he had to reveal his identity to the whole of Gotham. They are hidden across Gotham by Enigma's data handlers. As Batman infiltrated the Sionis Steel Mill, Barbara gave him details of the Gotham City Council's approval of Strange's plan, Protocol 10, in part due to Strange's manipulation of the escalating gang war. Oracle (Barbara Gordon) 3.4. Developed by WB Games Montréal, Batman: Arkham Origins features an expanded Gotham City and introduces an original prequel storyline set several years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. She is also on good terms with most of the Bat Family including Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson, and Jason Todd. Dropped an elevator on me." Alfred brought her up to speed, and explained that Joker had poisoned Batman, which forced him to go to Mister Freeze for a cure. Modified by Kam. About 3/4 the way up the building is a small balcony. Batman contacted her again, and told her he was going to the office unit where Gordon had been to see if he could pick up a trail. The duo went to confront the criminal, where they fought Joker, Harley Quinn, and many of Joker's Henchmen. They were soon surrounded by drone tanks, and Batman tells Barbara that the Batmobile was destroyed, but Lucius Fox had created another, which arrived on scene and destroyed the tanks. This one is found on a low roof, inside a fenced area that you must slide in under. Charge the generator, then open up the large vent above the cage. Subsequently, she detected that the tower was going to self-destruct and shouted at Batman to "GET OUT OF THERE!". Barbara then tried to reason with him, but Jason was too filled with hate toward Bruce to listen - though he couldn't resist asking her how Alfred was. 126 lbs (57 kg) After Batman foiled the Joker's latest scheme and transferred him to Arkham Asylum via the Batmobile, Oracle contacted him, heard of the events prior, and stated that the Joker was his third 'big gun' in the last month, following Victor Zsasz and Scarecrow. Penguin had weapon crates all over Gotham City and the Disruptor that Batman took out of the GCPD Evidence Room could prevent them from being opened. Stand near the three switches, and use two Remote Batarangs to hit the green switches on either side of the building. As Batman made his way into Wonder City, he discovered that Hugo Strange was providing weapons to Joker's gang. Inside the Abandoned Courthouse, where you fight Anarky. On a rooftop in the south of Park Row. On top of a low roof in the very north part of Park Row. Batman discussed his suspicions with Oracle about the similarities and convenience surrounding the three captures before he arrived at Arkham Asylum. Lucius Fox 6. Her father, Commissioner Gordon, retired from police duty and was elected mayor of Gotham City, and was seen getting a text from Tim reminding him to not forget the ring. While talking with Barbara, the GCPD SWAT Team tossed a smoke grenade into the room. Eidetic memory - almost total recall of everything she sees and reads, Extensive headquarters in Gotham City's Clock Tower, filled with information archives. There is a keypad on one side of the building. This will unlock the datapack. Bruce confronted her, revealed that he was aware that she was Batgirl, and that, rather than being mad, he was impressed with her, and made her a partner in his war on crime and mission to protect Gotham. Robin (Tim Drake) met up with Barbara to help her save her father, (Commissioner Gordon) who was kidnapped by the Joker, along with many other police officers and who were held at the abandoned Seagate Amusement Park. Each pack contains incriminating information from various figures around Gotham City that Enigma planned to release to the public on Christmas Day. Biographical Information Come home. Batman followed him, and left Commissioner Gordon, Barbara's father, inside a reception area guarded by Frank Boles, a decorated Arkham security guard. Use the Explosive Gel to blast open the door on a small hut. When the hostage asked "Aren't you going to rescue me? Now slide under the fence, and grab the datapack. Detonate the gel and it will unlock the datapack. Modified by Kam. Bane 2.1.1. Game Information She was know to be hostile towards most of the GCPD, claiming the "crooks" and the "cops" were one in the same and could be aggressive to her father when he states that Batman was a criminal whereas he was doing more for the city than the police were doing. In the south of Park Row, in a alley there is a steam vent. Base of Operations Amusement Mile - Batcave - Blackgate Prison - The Bowery - Burnley - Coventry - Diamond District - Final Offer - GCPD Building - GothCorp - Gotham Merchant's Bank - Gotham Cathedral - Gotham Pioneer's Bridge - Industrial District - Jezebel Center - Lacey Towers - My Alibi - Park Row - Royal Hotel - Steel Mill - Solomon Wayne Courthouse - Wayne Manor, Batcave - Arkham Mansion - Botanical Gardens - Intensive Treatment Center - Medical Facility - Old Sewer - Penitentiary, Amusement Mile - Batcave - The Bowery - Church/Medical Center - GCPD Building - Iceberg Lounge - Industrial District - Monarch Theatre - The Museum - Park Row - Poison Ivy's Lair - Solomon Wayne Courthouse - Steel Mill - Subway - TYGER Confiscated Goods Vault - Wayne Manor - Wonder City - Wonder Tower, Ace Chemicals - Arkham Asylum - Arkham City - Batcave - Bleake Island - Clock Tower - Founders' Island - GCPD Building - Miagani Island - Panessa Studios - Wayne Tower - Wayne Manor. Cover it up with the Glue Grenade then crawl under and too the end. Oracle drew up intel from a black ops team that operated in Venezuela, discovered a training facility that used the Arkham symbol, and discovered that their leader was only known as the Arkham Knight. After Batman got Poison Ivy to the GCPD Lockup, Oracle invited him to the Clock Tower. Kimberly Brooks (Arkham Asylum & Arkham City)Kelsey Lansdowne (Arkham Origins) Ashley Greene (Arkham Knight) Gordon's favorite tabacoo. Batman, at one point, was exposed to Scarecrow's Fear Toxin and began to hallucinate. As I mentioned, this is the first time that I attempted inference with rank data, and I discovered how rich the subject is.A lot of the tools for the analysis I had to write myself, so you now have the code I didn’t have access to when I started. The Riddler later used the same "primitive communications system" that Batman used to contact Oracle to assign him the challenge of solving 240 challenges across Arkham Island. Charge the generator, then quickly through a Remote Batarang through the electricity before the timer runs out. KInda." Batman: Arkham Asylum - The Road to Arkham, Batman: Arkham Knight Comic Book Characters, Batman: Arkham Unhinged comic book characters,, Unlike Azrael's, Batgirl's combat ability isn't exactly like Batman's, but inferior. Occupation By Jeff McAllister 25 October 2013. However, as there was not enough time to move the WayneTech satellites into position, Batman re-purposed two antennae at Panessa Studios and the Falcone Shipping Yard. About; API; Based on ThronesDB by Alsciende. City On a roof in the south east corner of the Bowery. She can interact with Environment Takedowns objects only. Additionally, it is possible that, in this incarnation of the Batman story, they never had a relationship. While Batman fought them off, the Joker ran amok through the Intensive Treatment Center, and killed the asylum guards in his path. In the north part of Park Row, on street level, there is a small, closed off area. That night, a former Arkham City resident attempted to rape Barbara at knifepoint. Physical Description After the assumed death of Batman via the Knightfall Protocol, Barbara was engaged and soon to be married to Tim Drake. In The Bowery, just above the word The on the map. After she secured a connection, Oracle found that most of the data was corrupted, shortly before Scarecrow's remaining forces assaulted the GCPD and cut power to the building. She even formed a romantic relationship with Tim Drake. Robin offered to help track down Scarecrow, but Batman ordered him to remain focused on his own task of curing Joker's disease, despite Oracle's efforts to back him up. Use it, then slide along the rope to smash through the wall of the small hut and get the datapack. Stubborn, but bold and brave, Barbara could take initiative at times and take charge of a situation such as joining forces with Robin to take down the Joker's crime empire and rescue several other kidnapped police officers. Unfortunately, no sooner was the cure to Batman's ailment was created that Harley Quinn stole it for the Joker. Make sure not to touch them as you will have to reset the puzzle. At this point, Pamela Isley was still a meek botanist, and who interned under Dr. Jason Woodrue. From somewhere nearby, grapple up to the statue, and launch yourself from it into the air. There is a generator, and once charged, will light up four ground switches. Stand on the switch, then throw a Remote Batarang beneath the fence to hit the light. Batman met Barbara in the GCPD Server Room while trying to access the National Criminal Database. 5' 11" (1.80 m) (as Batgirl)5' 2" (1.58 m) (Arkham Origins) There is a switch on a lower roof of the church. Barbara was not happy to learn that Batman left his protege there and told him to get Robin back safe. On street level in southern Park Row/Bowery area. Catwoman (Selina Kyle) 3.2. Her, Batgirl used some of the same gadgets that Batman used, such as the, Batgirl could use hackable objects with more ways than one, by switching modes via her, As with the other DLC characters, when combat challenge character selection was added, purchased Waynetech upgrades didn't affect her. Instead, she took on the identity of Batgirl and was a crime-fighting partner of Batman's for years. Mister Freeze (Victor Fries) (DLC Only) 7. Batman told Oracle to see that Arkham City was shut down, as he planned on going after Joker, who took Talia hostage. Use your Batclaw to grab the datapack as it spins past on one of the gears. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. Barbara's alias refers to a mythical being called the Oracle, which can answer any question posed to it. It is home to thousands of real and fictional personality profiles for you to type, discuss and view. Barbara was worried about Batman since he didn't want to talk about what happened the night after Talia's and Joker's deaths since the incident. One year after Arkham City shut down, Oracle returned to help her father and Batman stop Scarecrow's plan to destroy Gotham on Halloween Night for their final battle together. Barbara and Tim's honeymoon was cut short when Two-Face broke out of jail and Robin went to bring him back in. Comments; Page 12 of 21: Page 12 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Gotham City Barbara became Batman's partner, Batgirl, a few years after the Christmas Eve Incident. In the Bowery, in an alley just a little distance below the word Bowery on the map. Years later, having earned a residency at the Metropolis State Psychiatric Hospital, he returned home, and having found his mother to be growing worse, aided her in committing suicide. Wondering if it was her friend Colleen, she went to answer it. Height James Gordon (Flashback and main story) 5. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. Bird (Angel Vallelunga) (First appearance) 2.2. However, Oracle didn't believe that her position was compromised shortly before the connection was cut and the Arkham Knight stormed the place and kidnapped her. Once those are pressed, you will have 4-5 seconds to hit the 3 switches above the datapack. When Barbara asked what that meant, Robin said that he was close. Eventually, Robin found the Joker's location. In the north part of Sheldon Park, along the border with Park Row. Stand on the switch, then throw a Batarang to the distant green light off to the left. Information Broker As Batgirl: Detective Comics #359 (Jan 1967) As Oracle: Suicide Squad #23 (Jan 1989). After he recovered from the effects of the Fear Toxin, Batman went back to where he'd seen Gordon's corpse, only to find out that it was really just another Arkham security guard that Scarecrow killed earlier. She apparently hated lying to her father as he blames himself for Barbara's paraplegia and is at constant fear of, if anyone found out about her identity, he would be in danger. At North Gotham, her store, Baudelaire's appeared. Not wanting to give up on life and crime-fighting, Barbara adopted the new identity of Oracle: a computer expert and information broker who assisted Batman behind the scenes in a hidden base inside Gotham's clocktower. Barbara was moved around the city constantly, including up to Simon Stagg's Airship. One day, Batgirl took down a group of 3 Joker thugs with a police officer as hostage, who sat in the corner with his back to her. Fly a Remote Batarang through the metal bars (there is a small section where the bars are horizontal, not vertical). This week I explain what I did in the data analysis. Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) 2.4. Red Once Batman had gotten a sample of Ra's blood and returned to the surface, Oracle overheard on the radio that Strange had just sent Mayor Quincy Sharp into Arkham City. Step on it, the grapple up to the middle section and quickly grab the datapack. Barbara Gordon-Drake is the daughter of Gotham City's Police Commissioner James Gordon, and was forbidden by her overprotective father from joining the GCPD. Before she could get through to him, Scarecrow entered to announce that the Cloudburst was ready. This will remove the steam, allowing you to crawl through and get the datapack. Dive down, and then pull up to gain some additional height in order to make it. Arkham Horror LCG card database Navigation Core Set | Dunwich Legacy | The Path to Carcosa | The Forgotten Age | The Circle Undone | The Dream-Eaters | The Innsmouth Conspiracy While being transported, Oracle caused the Arkham Knight's armored vehicle to crash and free herself. A master of hand-to-hand combat and swordplay, Talia had dueled with Batman on several occasions and considered him an honorable opponent. ;Ezekiel Arkham The Arkhams are a longstanding and once rich and influential Gotham City family who were involved in the founding of the village that would go on to become the city.1 They've been dogged by tragedy ever since first arriving in the New World.1 In the 1800s family member Amadeus Arkham founded the iconic Gotham institution Arkham Asylum. It is surrounded by a fence, and must be flown into from a higher building. Jump in them to find the datapack. After Batman exited the GCPD Building, Barbara hacked into Batman's communications and asked him for help. After he warned her being near the GCPD was dangerous at night, Barbara informed him that their home was being stalked.Gordon offered to give her a police escort for her safety, but Babara told him that the police wer… Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, Batman suggested that instead of tracking the Fear Toxin, that they track the manufacturing process. Hitting the three switches can be tricky, so it may take a few attempts. No more looking in different places, you can find them all right here. Oracle revealed that everyone died, including her father and Batman, and that Joker had won. Enigma Datapack 4-1. Knight Once all the drones were destroyed, a squad of Militia landed on the roof, and attempted to access the elevator. Thankfully, Batman was revealed to have survived, that Gordon knew what he was doing, caught her in mid-air, and used his body as a cushion upon hitting the ground. It's sitting on the ground, behind a waist high wooden wall. Noticing some cops spying on their home, Babara went to the GCPD. Charge the generator, and the three switches and lights will come on. Blast open the door to get the datapack. Asylum Inside the Mad Hatter's house, there is a vent. This incident lead to Barbara requiring use of a wheelchair for the rest of her life (that we know of). Thankfully, Alfred was able to convince Batman to do the right thing and save Gotham. Arkham Asylum is located on the outskirts of Gotham City, and is where those of Batman's foes considered to be legally insane are incarcerated (other foes are incarcerated at Blackgate Penitentiary). Due to not being designed to fight outside of her story pack, Batgirl is unable to fight Brute enemy types or Minigunners, which makes her enemy pool smaller compared to other playable characters of the Bat Family. On top of the church in Park Row. Arkhamverse is a fan-originated term for the shared continuity of the video games originating from the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum. Though Batman wanted to investigate their identity, Barbara insisted that he went back to Freeze immediately, and requested that he do it for her sake. Full Name Robin (Tim Drake) 4. Anarky (Lonnie Machin) 2. Unfortunately, Scarecrow's men attacked the server room in the Clock Tower, which forced Batman to go out and deal with them. Upon arriving in Arkham East, Batman contacted Oracle and asked her to shut down the Batmobile's countermeasure system when Harley and several escaped inmates thrashed the Batmobile with pieces of pipes, since if she still was holding Gordon captive, he would get hurt as well. ", Batgirl replied "Not exactly" as she prepared for another fight. Barbara Gordon 3. Oracle helped Batman use his cowl's vision to detect armed henchmen, which appeared in red. Found on a roof on the west side of Park Row. As Oracle attempted to crawl to safety, she threw a scrambler amid a pile of boxes for Batman to find, before the Arkham Knight fired a warning shot and recaptured her. Barbara Gordon in her original Batgirl Suit. Two weeks later, after Arkham City was shut down, Oracle was Robin's contact, and helped him find Batman since he had been gone for two days. When Batman revealed that he had to find Ra's al Ghul, and acquire a sample of his blood to complete the cure, and in doing so, find Talia, his daughter, Barbara told him to not trust her. Azrael (Michael Lane) 3. On the side of the building, just below the drop off point in the Bowery. Barbara pleaded with him to stop Protocol 10 before more lives were lost, an opinion that Alfred shared but Batman ignored them and ordered for all Wayne-Tech satellites to boost the signal on Talia's tracker. For Batman: Arkham Asylum on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs has 7 save games. She tried defending Batman's actions; however, her father only saw him as another criminal, instead of the hero Gotham needed. Step into the cage and put Explosive Gel on the three switches. Jason then ordered his men to gag Barbara, but threatened to kill them if they harmed her. Barbara aided Batman in the counterattack, first by directing him to the backup generator so he could get the Batmobile out the garage doors, before finding a weakness in the tank drones' network that she could exploit. Inside Bane's HQ, in the ceiling of the of the small surveillance room. The Personality Database is a user-driven, social community based on popular typing methods as the Four Letter Personality types, Enneagream, Socionics, Temperaments and other Personality Systems. Hit the switch, then fire the Remote Claw at the point to create a line to walk across. About; API; Based on ThronesDB by Alsciende. Batman investigated and discovered that Scarecrow had kidnapped Robin. Do so to unlock the datapack. Contact: Please post bug reports and feature requests on GitHub. Oracle On one instance, Batman called Oracle as he was going into Killer Croc's Lair to retrieve an antidote to the Venom-based drug, Titan. While the reason why she and Dick broke up is not explained, it's possible that the relationship ended when Nightwing started guarding Blüdhaven, with him presumably moving there to do so. By Jeff McAllister 25 October 2013. Eventually, Barbara got through all the layers of protection, discovered Bruce Wayne's secret, that he was Batman, as she unlocked the door to the Batcave. She desperately asked for anyone who heard the call to send help. Grapple up to it and grab the datapack. Origins I just got all the ones in the Bowery and it says I still need to find one. click the image below, to go check it out. Inside the church where you fight Black Mask. Near the rooftops, there is a Remote Claw point. 1 Incident Reports 1.1 Arkham Origins Incident 2 Quotes 3 Gallery 4 Trivia The Bank Manager appears when Batman infiltrates the Gotham Merchant's Bank, trying to find The Joker and Black Mask. That is when Robin offered once again to help Batman in his goal to stop Scarecrow, only for Batman to decline his offer, saying that what he is working on is more important. Save Files Story: Arkham Island The Medical Facility Scarecrow Bane The Batcave Arkham Mansion Scarecrow #2 Victor Zsasz Meeting Ivy Harley Quinn The Botanical Gardens Intensive Treatment Scarecrow #3 The Old Sewer Loose Ends Batman: Arkham Asylum Ending More: Story is Complete. After you defeated Harley at Panessa Studios, if the player returned to the Chinatown Safehouse where Barbara's "body" was left, they would find that her "body" disappeared, and left only her wheelchair behind and Joker seated in the exact same position that she was. Harvey Bullock (First appearance) 3.3. Batman RobinNightwingAlfred PennyworthJames Gordon Hack it, then grab the datapack on the other side. Contact: Please post bug reports and feature requests on GitHub.

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